What happens if I sign my child up and they want to quit?

If you sign your child or teen up to a program and they don't like it, you will get your money back. There is no lock-in plan.

Rugby Skills Academy strives to create a stimulating, fun and team environment, so it would be great to have feedback.

My kid is a great player. Why should they sign up?

You don't have to.

But if the Wallabies, All Blacks and Maroons focus on learning basic skills, then it's likely this will also benefit your child or teenager.

The skills program is about practise, practise, practise - but in a fun environment where drills are specially designed to engage players and to simulate games.

Players who have signed up range from young adults heading towards a professional career to those who have never played the game before. And the difference in their game is evident.

You'll find that all sports are now focusing on getting players to learn and perfect the basic skills.

How safe is it?

You've probably read the headlines about concussion, brain injuries and broken bones. It's for this exact reason that Rugby Skills Academy teaches the basic skills. Kids (and adults) need to learn how to play safely in order to avoid injury. This includes learning the correct technique when it comes to tackling - so the person tackling learns where to position their head in order to avoid neck injury. And they learn to tackle low, so they avoid injuring their opponent.

Rugby Skills Academy's core value is safety through correct technique.

The Academy takes further steps to minimise risk by outlining to students an expected code of behaviour during sessions. This ensures they listen and learn.