Regional Pathway Program launched


If you want rugby to be strong and to grow, you need to support it at the grassroots. This means giving every player the opportunity to improve their skills, lift the competition and have a pathway to the next level.

This is why, with the support of Rugby Capricornia Juniors, I have put together a pathway program that is open to every player in the central Queensland catchment area.

The goal is to get more players from our region in the Queensland Country U13 to U16 in 2018. We will do this by providing strong and skillful Bushrangers teams at the State Championships. And we have to start by focusing on the grassroots clubs, where we will develop fundamental skills and identify talent for the Junior Muster.

This FREE program – open to all players in U13-16 age group – is about us as a community and rugby leaders developing rugby at the grassroots.

Our plan is to work with clubs and their coaches to roll out four to five fortnightly training sessions in Rockhampton, Emerald, Mackay and Bundaberg.

We want to develop players from the grassroots and provide them with a pathway to Bushrangers and Queensland Country – and beyond.

We also need to create a strong competition, so we need to have as many opportunities as possible for competition between Capricornia, Emerald, Mackay and Wide Bay.

With the increased number of junior players participating this year, this pathway should keep them engaged in the game and give them the skills to really enjoy the game.

This program isn’t just about identifying the best players – it is about developing all our players.

A strong grassroots competition can only be as good as our development.

Training sessions from December to February to be confirmed.

Sessions will focus on key fundamental skills:

  • Catch-pass under pressure;
  • Tackling, i.e. front-on and tracking-tackling;
  • Contact in ruck area, i.e. ability to apply the correct technique and type of clean out, clean; threats, breach or seal the ball, crocodile roll, and body height with speed;
  • Understanding individual roles and responsibility, e.g. as a front rower or a loose forward; backs and their individual roles, field positions etc.
  • Scrums technique; as an individual and as a group.
  • Line-outs: lifting techniques, speed of the lifters, timing of the hooker’s throwing.
  • Locks or second rowers body height/technique in scrum.
  • Flankers role in tackle area, and decision making into contact.
  • Half back passing, box kicking etc:
  • Backs learning how to manipulate the defenders while attacking
  • Back three and their roles
  • Catching high kick and field positions.

We need to engage and work with the club coaches so we all share knowledge and skills to help all the clubs in the region. By doing this, those coaches will go on to build the skills of subsequent age groups in their clubs.

Please contact me for more information:


Mobile:  0411872074

All age groups coaches are invited to participate.

Let’s get this program moving!

Onéhunga Mata’uiau







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