There is a special technique when it comes to passing - and catching those passes - in rugby.

What's covered in the skills programs?

Onehunga has designed challenging but fun drills that test players under pressure.

These are designed with particular detail for each program and take into account the player's age and experience.

However, whether this is for the after-school, club or school programs, there are some basics.

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These skills include:


  • Learn the correct technique of tackling.
  • Focus on safety first on contact – to prevent injuries by learning how to apply correct technique in contact area.
  • Learn about body and feet position in contact areas.
  • Learn different types of tackling in varies parts of the field i.e., stop tackle and spot tackle.


  • Learn how to pass both sides.
  • Learn the technique and direction of passing.
  • Understand different types of passing, running and static passing.
  • Learn the secret of the power pass.

Catching skills

  • Learn to catch the ball.
  • Focus on showing target to the passer.
  • Body position and feet position when receiving the pass.
  • Passing catching and passing again in one motion.

Contact area and ball carrier

  • Taking ball into contact.
  • Focus on ball security.
  • Body position into contact and role.
  • Role of a support player and communication.
  • Decision-making as a ball carrier.


  • Learn how to kick long and how to kick high.
  • Focus on narrow corridor and apply.


  • Line speed on defence
  • Running lines on attacking.

And the secret to success is to keep practising.

Are you with a school or club?

If you're with a club or a school and you're interested in Rugby Skills Academy running sessions, let us know.

The Academy can run a clinic to suit the age and ability of your players, and this can either be over a weekend or during the school holidays.

The Academy runs these specialised clinics throughout Queensland, from the Burdekin to Toowoomba and everywhere in between, and is now travelling inter-state.

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Next Steps...

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