Two weeks, eight sessions, 200 kids and over 2000km

Rugby Skills Academy has just celebrated its first year of being in business.

In September last year, I started up with a holiday program that had just over 20 kids in Rockhampton and Emerald.

This time around, I travelled over 2000km to run eight sessions in Mackay, Biloela, Emerald and Rockhampton, and had almost 200 kids!

It goes to show there is a real passion out there amongst players and their parents to learn the correct technique and basic skills.

What I have loved seeing is my academy kids putting their skills to use in their games – you can see the difference, not just with their technique but with their confidence.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Rugby Skills Academy – particularly those players who have never missed a term session or holiday session. It’s great to see such a passion for the sport.

I have put together some highlights from the holiday program (below), and am gearing up for another nine-week term sessionĀ in Rockhampton and Emerald from the week of October 9 (you can click here for the forms).

Have a great week.

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